Documents and Schemas support validation that mimics Django’s models. Given a document instance you may call full_clean to validate the document structure and have a ValidationError raised if the document does not conform. Documents and schemas may define their own clean_<fieldname> method to validate each entry and a clean method to validate the entire document. All validation errors are to be sublcassed from django.core.exceptions.ValidationError.

To run through the document validation run full_clean:

except ValidationError as e:
    print e

Adding custom validation to a document:

class MyDocument(schema.Document):
    full_name = schema.CharField()

    def clean_full_name(self):
        value = self.full_name.strip()
        if ' ' not full_name:
            raise ValidationError('A full name must have a first and last name')
        return full_name.strip()

    def clean(self):
        if == 2:
            raise ValidationError('You cannot validate on a Wednesday!')